Visual Designer.

As a Visual Designer I’m responsible for the creation of visually innovative and engaging products for the business. I not only bring product concepts to life but also cultivate bonds between the business’s products and the consumers, which intuits human response to product visuals of all kinds because I understand the power that imagery has and, hence, use it appropriately.

Visual Designers are storytellers and makers who use design to bring product ideas to life. A good Visual Designer leads product projects into creative and uncharted territories, keeping the business a step ahead of its competition.

They are design-oriented but will often approach a project with an innovative and rational mindset. This is to say that besides creating a new and attractive product designs, Visual Designers remain mindful of how products function.

Collaboration: The very first task that a Visual Designer has is to collaborate with various disciplines within the business in order to create transformative product visuals that make the brand ‘top-tier’. This collaboration is mainly with product development departments such as the engineering department with whom the Visual Designer has to liaise with in deciding on designs for new products or design modifications for existent products.

At this capacity, the Visual Designer also collaborates to the Sales and Marketing departments in order to create engaging and compelling product visual stories. The Visual Designer is responsible for inspiring his seniors as well as the team in collaboration to produce visually creative products that push the boundaries and limits already set in the product market.

Creative: The Visual Designer is also responsible for management and execution of visual product assets. For example, the Visual Designer has to use all his creative juice in coming up with the most attractive and appealing logos, icons, and typography that will pull in the consumer to the business’s product. At this capacity, the Visual Designer also spearheads problem solving in the most innovative manner when it comes to visual aspects of that product.

Note also, apart from supporting and enhancing existent product concepts, the Visual Designer has to have a high level of creativity in coming up with totally new and original design concepts as well as formulating unexpected creative solutions